Are You A Fashion Maven or a Fashion Victim?

Having a style is about knowing who you are and knowing how to see. You can't do one without the Read more

You Think This is Easy?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the difference between fabulous and frumpy comes down to how the garment is made. What looks great on the runway is going to look like hell from Wal-mart, once you have the eye to see Read more

Killer Shoes?

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I Wrote a Book.

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Vote For Me (please)

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Imagine my surprise when I found out Dead Is the New Black was nominated for a Preditors and Editors Award and somehow I totally missed it.

Or don’t. Because then you’d have a heart attack or stroke out or something.

But if you read the book and liked it, I have four days to convince you to go vote for it for best mystery of 2012.

So please, really. It would mean a lot to me because life is so short and painful and this would be a bright spot I can remember on my deathbed. Read more

Cover Reveal – A Dress To Die For

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Good Morning!

I just finished the cover for book 3.

Just as Laura Carnegie is safely ensconced in Jeremy’s company and his bed, she gets distracted by a stolen dress worn by a murdered princess, and her father’s disappearance twenty years before. Can her career and her relationship survive her rabid curiosity?

Read more

How To Not Look Like an Idiot

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Oh look, a blog post. Must be slow at work.

This line from Dead Is the New Black gets a lot of play:

When Stu slid in next to her, she asked, “When you buy a suit jacket and you can’t get your hands into the pockets, do you assume you just bought a jacket with non-functional pockets, or do you rip the stay stitch out like you’re supposed to?”

Laura’s aggravation stems from seeing people walk around with hanger loops coming out from under their arms and (shudder) labels at the left cuff. Read more

One Step Forward…

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I finally added a mailing list. If you want to be informed of new releases, please put your info to the right.

I will never, ever sell your information, even as a joke. I will never spam you. I’ll only use the list to let you know when I’m publishing a new release or doing an event or whatever. All other announcements will be done on this page. And of course, I’ll have what to say on my facebook page, which is here — Read more

Please sign up for my mailing list

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I need to feel like when I release book 3 – I have people to tell about it.

Also, you can hit the button to the right to like my facebook page. Your call.