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Vote For Me (please)

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Imagine my surprise when I found out Dead Is the New Black was nominated for a Preditors and Editors Award and somehow I totally missed it. Or don’t. Because then you’d have a heart attack or stroke out or something. But if you read the book and liked it, I have four days to convince you to go vote for it for best mystery of 2012. So please, really. It would mean a lot to me because life is so …

Cover Reveal – A Dress To Die For

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Good Morning! I just finished the cover for book 3.

How To Not Look Like an Idiot

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Oh look, a blog post. Must be slow at work. This line from Dead Is the New Black gets a lot of play: When Stu slid in next to her, she asked, “When you buy a suit jacket and you can’t get your hands into the pockets, do you assume you just bought a jacket with non-functional pockets, or do you rip the stay stitch out like you’re supposed to?” Laura’s aggravation stems from seeing people walk around with hanger …

One Step Forward…

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I finally added a mailing list. If you want to be informed of new releases, please put your info to the right. I will never, ever sell your information, even as a joke. I will never spam you. I’ll only use the list to let you know when I’m publishing a new release or doing an event or whatever. All other announcements will be done on this page. And of course, I’ll have what to say on my facebook page, …

Please sign up for my mailing list

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I need to feel like when I release book 3 – I have people to tell about it. Also, you can hit the button to the right to like my facebook page. Your call.