Are You A Fashion Maven or a Fashion Victim?

Having a style is about knowing who you are and knowing how to see. You can't do one without the Read more

You Think This is Easy?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the difference between fabulous and frumpy comes down to how the garment is made. What looks great on the runway is going to look like hell from Wal-mart, once you have the eye to see Read more

Killer Shoes?

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I Wrote a Book.

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How to Maintain a 50 Hour Workweek – Part 2

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Today, I had to do a sketch to show how to fix the armhole on a halter top.

In most companies, you have to use Adobe Illustrator.

In my company, you use Excel drawing tools, which are really fast, except for the Mac, where Microsoft shit the bed entirely and made it so you can’t see what you’re doing when you draw. Read more

What to Do To Maintain a 50 Hour Work Week

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No pictures here, and a quick post.

My assistant wants to take a single tech pack that services like, five different artworks, across two deliveries into five separate tech packs. A request I denied, because it would create make work, when there is actual work to be done. But I do enjoy her persistence so. I actually like people who argue with me. (and I especially like her. No you cannot hire her away from me. Stop sniffing around.)

But it got me thinking about my first trip to Hong Kong in 1994. Read more

Quote Boxes for Dead Is the New Black

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Handmade in USA

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The other day, I was minding my own business, walking up Vermont when I came upon a new store.

Very cool. Like hipster central. Check out this little owl.

It’s 28 dollars. Read more

Why Are Models So Angry?

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You’re more beautiful than I am.

You’re taller, skinner, and richer.

You dress better.

Do you have to look so mad about it?