Are You A Fashion Maven or a Fashion Victim?

Having a style is about knowing who you are and knowing how to see. You can't do one without the Read more

You Think This is Easy?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the difference between fabulous and frumpy comes down to how the garment is made. What looks great on the runway is going to look like hell from Wal-mart, once you have the eye to see Read more

Killer Shoes?

What makes this work and not that? Why is something fabulous and not something else? We aim to find out. Because money doesn't create taste, an education Read more

I Wrote a Book.

It's a murder mystery from inside the fashion industry. You might like Read more

Quote Boxes For Book 3 – Part One

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How To Design a Book

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It’s hard to explain.

You have a cover, and an interior, and you can’t do jack diddly with the interior because you can’t play with fonts or font sizes at all.

But I was reading Jillian Dodd’s That Boy which is terribly popular with the YA crowd and I was amazed at the attention she paid to every detail of the book. Not one page went by this woman ill-considered, and nothing was left to chance. Even the chapter names allow her readers the freedom to revisit their favorite scenes. Read more