One Step Forward…

I finally added a mailing list. If you want to be informed of new releases, please put your info to the right.

I will never, ever sell your information, even as a joke. I will never spam you. I’ll only use the list to let you know when I’m publishing a new release or doing an event or whatever. All other announcements will be done on this page. And of course, I’ll have what to say on my facebook page, which is here —

I’m cranking out book 3 and book 4’s already written. So I’ve been productive :) You can expect them to magically appear on Amazon in March and April, respectively.

In other news, I put a new cover on The Case of the Missing Blahnik. The old one just didn’t go with the other two and it was really starting to bug me.

In fashion news, nothing important has changed. We still work too hard for too little. We still place importance on the wrong things and do not embrace our inner awesome. Go give your inner awesome a hug. I’m going to get Laura and the gang into worlds of trouble.

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