Tag, I’m It!

I am so not a good blogger.

Actually, I am profoundly bad at it. I have lots of things I care about that I’d like to blog about but the fact is, a 400 word blog post could be 400 words of my next novel.

But lots of my writer friends have blogs and sometimes they do something nice like tag your ass in their post, and you want to keep the nice stuff happening.

So, parody genius PJ Jones tagged me. I’m supposed to post  seven lines from page seven of whatever I’m working on now, then tag seven other authors.

I really wanted to find something from my WIP The Case of the Jealous Lover, but every single line was a major spoiler (for those of you who care), so I went with my as-yet-unreleased-and-currently-being-proofed second book, Death of a Supermodel.

This is an earlier draft of the cover. I ensmallened her head to be less lollipop-like.

So here goes (unedited, out-of-context):

“And the company?” Cangemi asked. “How is it going?”

He seemed genuinely interested and warm, and Laura needed a friend after the show, the stress of prepping for it, then the episode with Thomasina. “We got a backer through our agent, Pierre Sevion, and that was okay, but it was only enough to pay for everything up to the show, which was today. After that, there was supposed to be matching backing from somewhere. I don’t know where, Pierre wouldn’t say. But if we get favorable reviews from a major, or any kind of celebrity placement, which is when they wear our stuff to an event and mention it, we get some vague amount of matching dollars that might, and I’m saying might, cover our production. Except in order to get the review and the placement, we had to go all out whole hog on the show, and that means the fabric is super expensive, and the matching backing may not cover it. And here’s the other thing. Without that matching money, we have to crawl back to the initial investor, Bob Schmiller, whose wife is Ivanah Schmiller, who according to Ruby, has been telling everyone she wants more say in the line.”

“Ivanah Schmiller, the interior designer?”

“Decorator. She’s a decorator. And yes. If you like someone who vomits animal skin prints on crushed velvet and chrome, she’s an interior decorator.”

And now I’d like to tag these poor souls:

The great M Edward McNally

The lady who makes me look s’damn good, Heather Adkins.

None other than David Gaughran who will have the good sense to ignore this

Maker of hilarity, Mike Cooley

My hero, Cheryl Bradshaw

The ever-delicious Alisa Tangredi

And our favorite dropper of relevant commentary, Jolea M Harrison

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  1. PJ Jones

    Loved the first book and can’t wait for the second. Thanks for playing along.

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