The Problem with Fashion Design – Part 1

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and sweaters were made with a 45/55 ramie cotton blend. Back when working with China meant Hong Kong and not Huagzhou. Back when Bush the first was in office, I entered the fashion industry.

This is what I looked like:

I worked at a bar and was transitioning into fashion. I bought the jacket used from a biker for 100 bucks.

Wasn’t I cute? The jacket I’m wearing was a Shott Perfecto, made in the USA. Unbelievably, I just checked and found they’re still made here. I expected a completely different answer. And this answer has changed what I’m going to talk about.

Currently, this jacket’s running $580. How does this relate to the fact that it’s made in the US? It’s not a joke. A living wage for a skilled worker who knows how to sew leather is probably around 40K+ per year. Consider also that they’re made in New Jersey, which ain’t Kansas when the cost of living is calculated. It’s great that they keep their manufacturing close. We love it! We love the Made in the USA stickers and we love thinking about how awesome they are, Woo hoo!


Are you paying $580 for a leather jacket?

It’s gorgeous. Really.

No? Not shelling out that kinda cash are you?

How about this one? Sixty bucks. Much cheaper. I have no idea where it was made but at that price, you don’t care right? Why, you can wear the thing twice and not feel like you’ve wasted a penny. And isn’t that what we want? To wear something twice and forget about it so we can buy the next thing?


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