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You Think This is Easy?

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Tag, I’m It!

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I am so not a good blogger.

Actually, I am profoundly bad at it. I have lots of things I care about that I’d like to blog about but the fact is, a 400 word blog post could be 400 words of my next novel.

But lots of my writer friends have blogs and sometimes they do something nice like tag your ass in their post, and you want to keep the nice stuff happening.

So, parody genius PJ Jones tagged me. I’m supposed to post  seven lines from page seven of whatever I’m working on now, then tag seven other authors.

I really wanted to find something from my WIP The Case of the Jealous Lover, but every single line was a major spoiler (for those of you who care), so I went with my as-yet-unreleased-and-currently-being-proofed second book, Death of a Supermodel. Read more

What Fashion Manufacturing and Book Manufacturing Have in Common. Or Not.

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I’m not a journalist, and this is an opinion piece. You’ll find some non-journalistic wording and non-absolutely-accurate stuff in here. Like I used “collusion” below and that may not be the same as “anti-trust.” I may have to correct stuff as I go. Mea culpa in advance.

Watching the media report on the DoJ investigation into price collusion between publishers is fascinating stuff. The hue and cry over where people get their books from, and the government intervention over what is basically a form of entertainment is so far removed from what happens between businesses who deal in something we all need — clothing. Read more

How To Maintain a 50 Hour Workweek – Part III

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Last night, I got a call from a lovely lady heading the tech design department at a big big company. She needs someone with my skills, and I’d love to cut my commute. But I told her, look, I work from 9 to 4, four days a week.

“Temping?” she asked.

“Permanent part-time.”


“It’s not temping, I just work fewer hours. I get a lot of work done in that time. I’m really efficient. But no one believes me until I work for them.” Read more

How to Maintain a 50 Hour Workweek – Part 2

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Today, I had to do a sketch to show how to fix the armhole on a halter top.

In most companies, you have to use Adobe Illustrator.

In my company, you use Excel drawing tools, which are really fast, except for the Mac, where Microsoft shit the bed entirely and made it so you can’t see what you’re doing when you draw. Read more

What to Do To Maintain a 50 Hour Work Week

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No pictures here, and a quick post.

My assistant wants to take a single tech pack that services like, five different artworks, across two deliveries into five separate tech packs. A request I denied, because it would create make work, when there is actual work to be done. But I do enjoy her persistence so. I actually like people who argue with me. (and I especially like her. No you cannot hire her away from me. Stop sniffing around.)

But it got me thinking about my first trip to Hong Kong in 1994. Read more