Are You A Fashion Maven or a Fashion Victim?

Having a style is about knowing who you are and knowing how to see. You can't do one without the Read more

You Think This is Easy?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the difference between fabulous and frumpy comes down to how the garment is made. What looks great on the runway is going to look like hell from Wal-mart, once you have the eye to see Read more

Killer Shoes?

What makes this work and not that? Why is something fabulous and not something else? We aim to find out. Because money doesn't create taste, an education Read more

I Wrote a Book.

It's a murder mystery from inside the fashion industry. You might like Read more

Why Are Models So Angry?

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You’re more beautiful than I am.

You’re taller, skinner, and richer.

You dress better.

Do you have to look so mad about it?



The Problem with Fashion Design – Part 1

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Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and sweaters were made with a 45/55 ramie cotton blend. Back when working with China meant Hong Kong and not Huagzhou. Back when Bush the first was in office, I entered the fashion industry.

This is what I looked like:

I worked at a bar and was transitioning into fashion. I bought the jacket used from a biker for 100 bucks.

Read more

Dead Is the New Black reviewed by Silversolara!

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I want to thank Elizabeth of Silversolara for reviewing Dead Is the New Black. It was submitted through Red Adept Selects.

I know it takes a long time to read a book, and a lot of thought went into this review. So I think it deserves a shout out as well.

Click on the link if you’d like to read it. Read more

This Is Why Men Hate Fashion

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This is a reboot of a post I did for Mark Williams International Digital Publishing

This Is Why Men Hate Fashion


I’ll send three mental images your way.

1)    A man slouches on a couch outside dressing rooms, waiting for his girlfriend to exit. He looks like he’d rather be dead, or chewing razor blades, or simply watching football.

2)    A man in a suit, outside the bathroom. His wife exits wearing something either obscene or absurd, twirls around and says, “how do I look?” The man in question doesn’t have to answer. We know he’s in trouble. Read more

Holiday Blog Hop!

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Honestly, I’m as lost as you are. I’m just doing what the voices on Indie Writers Unite tell me. And what they told me to do, is to set up a giveaway with prizes and a fun contest. Well, I love all that, so here we go!

Start here and when you’re done, hit that icon over to the right. The green sunshiney one. Hop around to all the different blogs and do some contests. Read more