Dead Is the New Black


Edited by Lynn O’Dell of Red Adept—

Laura loves fashion designer, Jeremy St James. Not just the clothes, but him, and she’d be with him in a heartbeat – except that he’s her boss. And he’s gay.
So when she stumbles upon a dead body in his office, and Jeremy’s arrested for the crime, she sees it as a golden opportunity to turn her life around. If she can just locate a box of logo buttons, keep the cops off her tail, break up a counterfeiting ring, and get the show on the runway by Friday, she might earn his admiration, if not his love.

If you love Project Runway, or enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada, try Dead Is the New Black.

One Response to Dead Is the New Black

  1. Peggy Gaffney

    Love the book and the fantastic cover design. Slogging through the rewrites on my first mystery after ten non-fiction. Love it. Hate interruptions.

    Laura was my treat at the end of a day of writing. Love her blend of crazy good sense.


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