Cover Reveal – A Dress To Die For

Good Morning!

I just finished the cover for book 3.

Just as Laura Carnegie is safely ensconced in Jeremy’s company and his bed, she gets distracted by a stolen dress worn by a murdered princess, and her father’s disappearance twenty years before. Can her career and her relationship survive her rabid curiosity?


Here’s the fun thing about finishing a cover…

It’s done!

Here’s the not fun thing….

It’s done.

I think my biggest question when making a cover is, “Can I stand to look at this thing for the next ten years?” Because I’m not going to change it. Not ever. And when I was doing this one I thought, can I stand to look at this woman for the next¬†millennia? I mean, she’s staring right at me. But okay, I decided to just bite the bullet and decide that this woman is the heart and soul of Princess Philomena, who I created out of my head and who I love and adore.

So I’ll live with it.

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  1. Red Tash

    She’s absolutely captivating.

    • xtine

      Aww. you’re so nice red.

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